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Is your amp lifeless or lost power, developed a buzz or hum, developed a splutter, or just plainly stopped  working ?

I work on all makes of valve powered guitar amplifiers, work undertaken can be from a basic service to restoration.
I keep a stock of generic parts and all popular valves, other "specific to maker" parts are ordered in as required, some parts come overnight some take a little longer.
I do undertake  repairs to solid state guitar & bass amplifiers.
Turn around times are as quickly as possible, sometimes next day, sometimes a little longer depending on work load / parts availability.

I have and do build customers amplifier kits bought from third party suppliers. 
Below are some images of a 1965  Marshall JTM 45 that a customer brought to me for restoration.

The Owners comments are below in the testimonial section.


Laney Ironheart 120
 As some of you may know, my trusty Laney Amplification Guitar Amp finally decided that it needed some TLC last week, right in the middle of a solo, on my debut gig with Souls Of Fury.
I was recommended to take it in to Nigel at Matterhorn Amplifiers in  West Hallam. What a great service! The amp was dropped off on Friday evening and picked back up this morning - new pre-amp valves fitted and sounding sweet.
Definitely worth contacting Nigel on 07973379777 if you have any valve amp problems. Highly recommended.

He builds some fine sounding amps too!

Tom Platts - Music  

Marshall JTM restoration & Cornford Carrera repair
I was more than pleased with the recent repair of my Conford Carrera which Nigel at Matterhorn Amplifiers brought back to life for, what seemed to me, little more than the cost of the parts.
When I mentioned that I'd got an old Marshall JTM45 that I'd all but written-off, Nigel took the project on with genuine passion and a determination to do the amp justice.
This entailed painstainkingly testing every component to try and preserve as much as possible, replacing any parts with quality items closely matched to the originals and then recovering the amp to a very high standard. He kept me advised throughout on what he was doing and why (indulging me in technical explanations and sound demonstrations).
Overall, he successfully managed to strike the right balance between keeping the amp as original as possible, making sure that it performed as it was designed to and looking cosmetically perfect - all without breaking the bank.
What a fantastic job; this amp now sounds great, looks really good and I received a few lessons in valve amp and speaker technology along the way!
Thanks again (I’m sure that I’ll be requiring your services in the future).
Ian, Nottingham

Marshall TSL601
I took my Marshall TSL601 to Nigel. It wasn't sounding great and needed sorting out. Nigel quickly diagnosed the problem and replaced the tubes. The amp has never sounded better and I'm delighted with the tone. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nigel and will certainly go back whenever I need any future work carrying out.
Simon Clark
The Eyes Have It Music Festival

Carlsbro TC60
Brightening up a Carlsbro TC60 combo
Thanks once again for modifying the tonestack on my Carlsbro TC60 amp. For the country and rockabilly music I play using mostly clean and bright amp sounds, the original 3 band EQ circuit was far too bassy for me, resulting in me having the treble on 10 and bass middle controls almost off, in order to approach the sound I need.
After you changed the tonestack components and effectively F**derized the amp, the tone is much more balanced and I can get the sound I want with all three tone controls on more or less at the 12 o'clock (neutral) position. This is a great improvement. I am very impressed with the speed and quality of your work, including the computer print out showing the expected differences in the EQ curve, which seems accurate. The fact you turned job this around in just a couple of days and charged what I consider was is very reasonable fee is very impressive indeed. I will definitely recommend you to my other musician friends.
Julian, Derby.

Hayden Speakeasy
Quietening a crackling Hayden Speakeasy combo
I was wondering if you would be able to have a look over my amplifier for me. I have replaced the tubes and re-biased the amp but it still has a lot of crackling going off. I'm pretty sure its a 2009 model and as such I don't know if the filter caps need doing or what. ... Just thought that i'd better update you. I've played the amp a few times over the last couple of weeks and it sounds great. Thanks for your help.
Simon, Derby.

Matterhorn CR60
The sound of a custom 50W amplifier build
It was great, kind of "big & loud" but not piercing, the notes weren't like bullets! The sound was fantastic overall and I really liked it! ... Even though I got you to make this with my Gibson/Tokai semi's in mind, I tried my '54 reissue, ash-bodied Strat through it on Saturday morning and it sounded incredible. A seriously vintage country-rock, Buddy Holly sort of vibe.
Another thing it seems to do is let the guitars sound like themselves rather than all the same. ... Last night the amp got a proper road test at a wedding and sounded fantastic in a big old room at Holme Pierrepont Hall. I had loads of control over the sound and thoroughly enjoyed playing through it.
Steve, Nottingham

Marshall JTM100
On the complete rebuild of a Marshall JTM100 Super clone
I hope this email finds you well. Cutting to the chase it's Mark for whom you rebuilt that hash of an amp that was built for me by an inexperienced electronics graduate. Yes, the Marshall JTM 100 super amplifier clone. Well, I've been running it now for six months since I picked it up from you and believe it or not, every time I've played through it I've thought to myself that this is the amp and sound I've been chasing for 25 years, and I'm grateful that you were able to turn around the nightmare of a build that I first received from (name deleted) the eBay blag artist. It runs as quiet as a mouse and really shows up the electronics static and hiss from my Korean pick-guard assembly so I've had to buy some Fender vintage re-issue pick-ups and custom pots and selector assembly, life's a beach eh! Anyway, once again I hope you are well and THANK YOU.

Marshall JVM410
Hi Nigel
Big thank you for repairing my jvm410h Marshall,very happy with the service from start to finish,she's felling much better now👍
And looking forward to opening her up soon,
Very impressive with your Matterhorn BV60, sounded great, thanks for letting me have a try.



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